Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February 7th

Red bed of petals
lying on a sparkling glass tray,
thyme leaves here and there

Claudia Messelodi 

To read more of Claudia's work please visit Stream of Stones

This one is intriguing. I love the way the writer juxtaposes textures; red petals look soft to me but they're on a sparkling glass tray! And the thyme leaves - where did they come from? I thought at first Claudia had been flower arranging but was confused by the thyme leaves. Then I thought about it and realised that I use marjoram and oregano flowers in my attempts at flower arranging, so why not thyme? Roses and thyme - that's what I came away with! Freya


  1. I actually thought of the rose petals as the leaves of time...but then I notice the 'y'...
    I thought too the glass tray might be mirrored...
    reflections of passages...the romance of the rose, the spice of thyme - life continuously changing - even the captured moments.

  2. Thank you for your profound, interesting comment, Jules, I like it so much! Claudia