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Claudia Messelodi - haiku 5 & 6

This week sees the last in Claudia's series of haiku. If you would like to read more of her poetry please visit EOTE

Cicadas' night songs
bring delight to lonely souls
till the morning comes

Nimble kids play free
while their father mows the lawn
mum observes the scene

Why I like these haiku

Cicada's night songs 
A sad piece. The juxtaposition of night bringing delight because of their song and the inference that the delight fades in the morning light is beautifully depicted.

Nimble kids play free 

Very domesticated scene but with a hint of sadness in it too. The words she uses indicate that this should be a happy scene. But the reader is left wondering why mum just observes and doesn't join in.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Claudia Messelodi - haiku 3 & 4

This week I am posting two more of Claudia's haiku. Don't forget that if you would like to read more of her haiku, please visit EOTE

Industrious ants run
back and forth the kitchen tiles
mind the feet that pass

Tireless ant files float
up and down the door hinges
peek a boo and hide

Why I like these haiku

Industrious ants run 
Ants in the house? Surely not? Out! Out! Out! Alarm! Sorry, I leave ants alone in the garden but kill them if they come in the house. I liked the feeling of busyness and industry as the ants try to avoid the feet that could well end their lives.

Tireless ants file float  

I have to admit I couldn't work out why she used "float" here. I had visions initially of ants floating through the air! But on re-reading I realised she meant that the ant files seem to float because they move so smoothly as they march up and down. I liked the way she turned an observation into a playful thing with the last line.