Tuesday, 14 February 2012

February 14th

Rocket, parsley, sage, 
bed of leaves on a glass plate
where mauve lilies float

Claudia Messelodi

To read more of Claudia's work please visit Stream of Stones

This is quite exotic imagery that I played around with in my mind. The first three plants I visualised immediately - salad! And I liked the glass plate they lay upon. But then, mauve lilies? Another flower arrangement? Perhaps Claudia eats lilies in her salads? Then I realised, does it have to make complete sense? Can't it just be artistic? Freya


  1. I think perhaps it is possible that the lilies are in/on/or under the glass plate as a decoration? A delightful garden served.

  2. you're right Jules! Lilies were lying on the leaves as a decoration in fact! Thanks for your comment, love