Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Gone In Search of Inspiration...

Well, not exactly, but I thought it was a good title for today's blog! 

I know I can't search for inspiration. It's like the elusive phoenix and unicorn. You can't find them. You have to wait for them to find you. (The unicorn used to visit me under the spreading chestnut tree. But now the chestnut tree has died, will the unicorn return?)

Am I mad? Possibly! I hear voices in my head. That's a sign of madness, isn't it? Or is it inspiration?

What I'm trying to say in a not very succinct way (that was really bad English!) is that I'm taking time out once again to make myself available for inspiration to come to me. 

I've really struggled to write this month; my Nan's death affected me in ways I hadn't considered. So it's time to pause and be and hopefully come back bursting with ideas next month. 

So please forgive me if I don't answer your email, tweet, facebook message, phonecall, letter, text... I will get back to you eventually. 

May you find your inspiration in unlikely places. 


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Posting from A~Lotus

This week I am re-posting a comment left for me on WOWH 
The following text is from Kathy Uyen Nguyen (A~Lotus) and if you would like to read more of her work please visit A~Lotus

Haiku encompasses more than just 5/7/5.  The 5/7/5 works in the Japanese language, not in very many other languages from what I have studied (and I've also studied Spanish and French languages).  I am even attempting to try my hand at writing haiku and various of other forms of Japanese form poetry in my native language (Vietnamese) and it does not work in the 5/7/5 form.  In my language sometimes there needs to be 2 words (or more!) as compared to one word in English.  For instance, "dog" in English translates to "con cho" in Vietnamese with diacritical marks.  Now would you call that a haiku if I have more than 5/7/5 if it is written in my own language (which is stemmed from the Chinese and French)?  Or how about other languages that use considerably less syllables?  I for one do not discount either.  I would still call a poem a haiku if it satisfies the basic foundation of being one. If a haiku must be in the pure 5/7/5 form, many budding haiku writers would simply resort to counting their fingers and toes and call their poem "haiku," which is the case I've found on Twitter (as an example).  I must admit that that was how I was when I first heard about the haiku when I was younger.  However, when I studied more about the haiku on my own in my undergraduate studies was when I realized that my creative writing professor too had the 5/7/5 structure in mind.  I disagreed with her.  Now I understand that a haiku should need the kigo, a pivot, and other elements to it thanks to many haiku veterans who have taught me (and I've read many of their articles).  A haiku could be stunning as a one-line poem or a two-line instead of 3.  A haiku could still be 5/7/5 so long as it encompasses the elements of what constitutes a haiku.  A haiku could still be a haiku even if it does not adhere to the 5/7/5.  From what I've read of a lot of American haiku in English literature anthologies and especially the ones posted on Twitter, they are similar to the American sentences instead (created by Allen Ginsberg). Here is a very thoroughly researched article by Robert D. Wilson on the haiku:  "To Kigo or Not to Kigo".  I hope this article helps because for me, I think a 5/7/5 haiku is good if it encompasses such crucial elements like the kigo, which I cannot emphasize enough!  Otherwise, people say writing a haiku is too easy--like writing a fortune cookie--, and that is upsetting (like it's a joke) because they are missing the beauty and heart of writing haiku. Best wishes for your blog! :)  Sorry if this is a little too long, but I just thought I'd wave the pretty flag of "elements" for haiku because it seems like so many people forget that.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


A burst of colour
Bright orange on green, flower
Nods gently and smiles.

Monday, 22 August 2011


Blue-green sea ripples
Silently. White caps froth and
Foam towards the shore.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Monday, 15 August 2011


The insistent rain
Drenches, pours, soaks and spatters
Earth, road, grass and stone.

Saturday, 6 August 2011


Clouds sailing eastwards
Driven by a high wind from
The sun’s daily death.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Taking a break...

For the next couple of weeks I will be taking a break from regular blogging. I will blog as and when I can. I am working full time for a bit to cover a colleague's holiday and also, my Nan has died so things are in suspense until the funeral is arranged. 

I have written a memorium to my Nan which you can find here

I will hopefully be back in circulation by the end of the month and will reply to comments and messages then. 

Thank you for all your comments and encouragement.


Dark pink edged by light,
White hairs on green budded stem.
Petals in the sun.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Still water darkly
Reflecting peaked roofs and tree;
A glimpse of the past.

Monday, 1 August 2011


Framing the path you
Stand on, cherry blossom falls
Like a pale, pink snow.