Monday, 26 September 2011

Claudia Messelodi - haiku 1 & 2

This week I am featuring two of Claudia Messelodi's haiku. If you would like to read more of her poetry, please visit EOTE

Timid sunflowers
up and down the restless path
from dawn until dusk

Moved and deeply inspired
sitting at the bright window
put down thoughts in lines

Why I like these haiku

Timid sunflowers  
That's a real juxtaposition. I always think of sunflowers as bold and strong. The phrase "restless path" was intriguing and it made me think of the breeze rippling through the sunflower stalks. 

Moved and deeply inspired 
An excellent distillation of inspiration. Yes, we have to be moved by something to be inspired. Sitting at the bright window would be enough for me to become inspired. Lovely image of light without even mentioning light. And Put down thoughts in lines - perfect way of summing up how we write haiku!

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  1. I can see the sunflowers as being restless as they are helliothropic - following the suns' path across the sky!